How long will it take to alter my dress?

I recommend to book in alterations 8-10 weeks before the wedding for a perfect fit, if you are someone that doesn’t change size then I am more than happy to carry out alterations early. Depending on how much work is carried out there will be a minimum of 1 fitting up to 3 or more for major work. Fittings are to check any design changes wanted before they are stitched and finalised and ensure the dress is a perfect fit and comfortable before being completed.

I am planning on loosing weight, how will this effect my dress?

When it comes to weight loss if you can please let me know right from the beginning I can make sure to allow for this and let you know the latest fitting date as a deadline. The main thing is communication, if you feel that you have changed size please let me know and I can work out if we can book in an extra fitting or hold off on any fit changes until I next see you.

Do you have parking?

My home studio is based in Wimborne and has plenty of off road parking along the cul-de-sac but please be considerate to others that live here and don’t block any driveways.

What are your opening hours?

Working from a home studio means that I am happy to book appointments in evenings and Saturdays as well as normal shop hours.

Can I have an appointment in my own home?

I only offer home appointments to those with special circumstances as please be aware that my home studio is not wheelchair friendly due to 2 large steps into the house. If you would like to enquire about at home visits please let me know your postcode and I will work out a quote based on travel time and distance for your initial consultation. If you would like to go ahead with your alterations I will also work out a total for travel costs for all visits and add this to your invoice.

What does my alterations quote cover?

I like my pricing to be transparent so if you are unsure of some alterations or design changes these will be in brackets on the invoice and we can look into them again at a later fitting. The price covers my hours and haberdashery it also covers the costs to run my business, I do work from a home studio which means that I can offer a very high standard for an affordable price.

When do I pay?

If you decide to go ahead with alterations and leave your dress with me I will send your invoice by email which is due for the collection. You are welcome to pay in parts just let me know and I will update your invoice total and send receipts. Payments are cash and bank transfer only, no cheques, all details are on the invoice.

Are appointments free?

Yes the initial alterations consultation is free and fittings are included in the price, if we need extra fittings due to design choice or fitting change I am more than happy to book these in. I would much prefer to add in an extra fitting to ensure everything is perfect before the big day.

What happens if I am pregnant?

If you become pregnant this isn’t a problem if you mention this before the alterations are carried out. There are clever ways to let dresses out and I can explain how some styles will work and show photos of how they will change to allow of pregnancy.

Can I bring others along to fittings?

There is plenty of space and parking here, another advantage to working from a home studio. You are more than welcome to bring  friends and family along, I believe fittings should be enjoyable and relaxed.

How long fittings take?

I always ensure plenty of time for fittings I try to stagger bookings when possible, initial consultations for major work can take up to 1 hour and a half for more minor changes half an hour to an hour. Follow up fittings again depend on how much work is carried out and range from half and hour to an hour. Saturdays do get very busy so I can normally only book a maximum of an hour space per wedding dress and longer if we are also booking in bridesmaids depending on how many need altering.

Do I need to bring anything to fittings?

If we are looking at your hem length please bring along your wedding shoes. If there are other changes such as taking in the dress, taking up the straps I will always carry out these alterations first and then look at the hem length as the other alterations can affect the hem. This means you have a little more time to find the perfect shoes, I will let you know your fitting deadline. Please also bring or wear the underwear for the day if possible, this is mainly if you are wearing a bra with the dress but I can sew in bra cups in different cup sizes.