My Story


I have always been interested in high end, unique fashion and was caught out many times doodling designs in class at school! My other passion for design is my favourite, this involves making women feel truly beautiful. At the risk of sounding super cheesy this means really listening to brides, which in turn allows me to create a design that shows their personality. A bespoke dress means one of a kind as it will be designed just for you and there is only one you!

Bespoke is the perfect solution for brides who know exactly what they want, even if this is a traditional bridal style when a set design is in mind you may struggle to find this in the shops. I will offer guidance along the way and tweak the fit and shape throughout the process, enhancing your natural figure. I have 2 sewing degrees, a Foundation degree in Fashion and a Honours Degree in Costume.

My warm and welcoming Wimborne based home studio allows my brides to really enjoy fittings in a relaxed environment and friends and family are always welcome. Love is love and a gay wedding to me should still be called just a wedding as that is what it is 2 people celebrating their love with loved ones! It breaks my heart that couples find they need to check with suppliers first though fear or risk of discrimination and purely so you don’t have to I am part of the LGBTQ suppliers list.