The Fitting Process

I specialise in altering women’s bridalwear only.

Alterations include taking in the side seams to fit well at the bust, waist or hips and taking up the shoulders if they are loose or gaping. Hem’s are a common alteration as they are often long on dresses and are priced on how many layers and the style of hem. I can also sew a train hook up for the evening in the style of your choice, perfect for keeping the fabric away for your first dance!

Being a bespoke dressmaker means that I can also re-design and add features on your dress, such as sleeves, higher/lower necklines and straps ordering fabric in to perfectly match. This lends very well to bespoke veils as I can use the same lace on the edge for a perfect match.

All design options and alteration choices are talked through in detail at consultations and fittings are included in the price. The gallery below shows bespoke matching lace sleeves, and redesigns such as turning a wedding dress into a cocktail dress and changing neckline styles and heights.

Please send me a description of the work that needs doing and photos if possible for a quote, contact Chantelle:

0770 354 1515,