Tithe Barn Wedding in The Times!

I am super excited to see Catherine and Paul’s wedding in The Times paper! I designed and created Catherine’s bespoke blush pink silk wedding dress with heavily beaded and embroidered lace top with matching lace on a cathedral length veil. Doesn’t she look just stunning!

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Read their story below:

Catherine Budd, 36 a jewellery designer and Paul Mullan, 38 head of sports science and medicine for the British sailing team, were married on November 25, 2017 at the Tithe Barn on the Symondsbury Estate, in Dorset.

Choosing an engagement ring can be challenging – especially when your partner is a bespoke jewellery designer. ‘It was a bit of a tricky one,’ says Paul. He ended up making a ring out of a coiled copper wire and a wooden box to put it in.

Cat thought Paul was taking an unusually long time putting shelves up in their living room in the run up to Christmas 2016. “He was always in the garage” she says. All became clear on Christmas day when they went for a walk with Digby, their cocker spaniel, on Sandbanks beach in Poole.

As Digby ran towards Cat, she noticed that he was wearing a bib. She bent down to read it: “Will you marry my daddy?” – and then noticed Paul on one knee holding the ring box that he had made. His copper ring was a “stand in” because he knew that Cat would want to design her own.

“Being a jewellery designer made it quite hard,” Cat says about the process of designing her engagement ring ” I am aware that there are so many options” She eventually decided on a vintage style with a diamond centrepiece. Hidden from view is an aquamarine gemstone – the birthstone of her father, who died eight years ago.

Cat and Paul met via a dating app in 2015. Their first date was a pub lunch in Millford on Sea, Hampshire, followed by a walk with Digby, who originally belonged to Paul. ” We chatted like we had known each other for ages” says Cat who grew up in Surrey and was then living in Bournemouth.

“I certainly felt very early on that Cat was the one,” says Paul, who was captivated by her smile. He took Cat to Paris on their seventh date in an attempt to be memorable. A few months after they met, he went to Rio as head of sports science and medicine for the British sailing team in preparation for the 2016 Olympics. On his return Cat moved into his house in Poole.

Raised in London, Paul studied sports science at the University of Brighton. He has introduced Cat to a range of outdoor pursuits including hiking. Their first expedition took them nine hours. “I actually got us lost” he admits.

Cat studied psychology at the University of Southampton and then worked in human resources. In 2010 she started metalsmithing as a hobby. Her decision to follow her dream of becoming a jewellery designer was prompted be her fathers death. “It hit me really hard how precious and fleeting life is.”

She enjoys Paul’s sense of adventure. “The feeling of us being a team” she says. “He cares so greatly about us. Our life is full of laughter.” He had planned to propose on a six-week trip to India and the Himalayas, which included a trek to Everest Base Camp but the right romantic moment never presented itself. Instead, he waited until Christmas.

Cat an Paul wanted a winter wedding to avoid uncertainty about the weather. About 100 guests were invited to the 1:30pm civil ceremony at the Tithe Barn on the Symondsbury Estate in Dorset. She designed Paul a rose gold lapel pin inscribed with “I love you” He had two best men his younger brother and a friend from University.

Walking into the ceremony on the arm of her mother, Cat carried a charm with a photograph of her father attached to her bridal bouquet. Her mother wore a matching charm on her corsage on her jacket. “He walked down the aisle with us” she says.

Cat wore a bespoke dress. “I’m quite a perfectionist,, but I’m not a dress designer,” she says explaining her challenge to find the right dress. “Pinterest and Instagram become your best friend, but also your worst enemy. My dressmaker was incredibly patient.” When the newlyweds exited the barn, what began as a shower of confetti became a flurry of snow.